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Office-based Pharmacists Program

I wanted to enhance the medication management the Pharmacist delivers, plus add other value-based services for my patients that support my goals as a physician. My patients appreciate being able to have a medication expert in my office to address their medication questions and help them find ways to lower the costs of prescriptions that I prescribe.

Through this program I have also been able to offload a portion of my work and the work of my staff, allowing me to address even more of the total care management issues of my patients.

Lastly, I am seeing a revenue bump in my practice with increase reimbursements for wellness screenings, advance care planning and follow up encounters. This is a turnkey solution with no out of pocket expenses. 

Dr. Michael Goodman

A board-certified internist and concierge physician in Bellmore, NY


Medicare Wellness Plan Program

The provider under question has the most comprehensive and compliant wellness data I have ever seen.

CMS Auditor

while auditing a Medicare Wellness Plan Program enrolled practice


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