Reduce Patient Infections and Scars on Post-Surgical Incisions with…

Infection and Scar Control

a clinically proven protocol that captures reimbursement

Our Infection and Scar Prevention System Leverages Collagen Technology to REduce Infection and Scarring of surgical Incision Sites on at-risk patients, while also helping you… 

Increase Clinical Profits.

Our technology-enabled service platform brings the power of Bovine Collagen to your patients. Now, patients can decrease their risks of post-surgical infections while also ensuring that they are doing everything possible to reduce scar formation.

The scar left behind by an operation is known as the surgeon’s ‘signature’. Usually it is the only visible remains of a surgery and therefore is usually the source of much criticism.

Patients have been known to worry about post-surgical scarring. This fear gets in the way of patients receiving the treatment they need, when they need it.

In addition, the healthcare system spends millions of dollars on treating infections caused by surgical incision sites. These infections can lead to further complications and may also become fatal.

Now, with Practice Health Institute’s Infection and Scar Control System, physicians and their patients can easily and proactively manage their post-surgical wounds to significantly reduce infection rates and scar formation.

Now, surgeons and their clinical teams are able to effectively and efficiently manage post-surgical wounds easily, proactively, and profitably. 


PReduce Infection and Scar Formation on Post-surgical Incision Sites… 

While Capturing Clinical Profits

without any inventory management or complicating reimbursement processes.


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