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Preventative Services

With a risk-free, use-friendly assessment and report

Our Preventative Services Analysis with Five-Year Care Plan is helping hundreds of practices… 

Increase Clinical Profits

by streamlining patient assessment processes, generating a five-year care plan that is 100% compliant with Medicare, and producing a list of reimbursable preventative services

Primary Care Physicians pay close attention to the services recommended by Medicare and Medicaid since a large percentage of most physician practices are comprised of those two payers.

The annual assessment of a patient (G0438 and G0439) is a billable service that Physicians provide to their patients in an effort to better understand their lifestyle and improve their medical care and proactively prevent future health complications.

Unfortunately, the process of administering these assessments is complicated, time-consuming and expensive. Most methods do not provide a user-friendly method to easily collect, organize and analyze the required patient data.

Furthermore, medical staff must then figure out the preventative services that may or may not benefit the patient’s health. Finally, it is extremely difficult to produce the necessary documentation to obtain full-reimbursement for the yearly assessments and preventative services.


Our Preventative Services Assessment is a fully digitized patient assessment platform that can be used on all patients. Hundreds of physicians across the United States are leveraging this technology to produce better outcomes and drive reimbursements.

Our assessment is a twelve-minute survey, written in a third-grade reading level – perfect for any patient to easily and quickly complete. Patients’ answers are immediately run through a proprietary algorithm that produces an instant report and five-year care protocol of preventative services, along with a clinical reimbursement strategy that is 100% CMS compliant.

We are so confident that our reports will show you preventative measures that are billable and patient specific that we do not charge our clients until their are reimbursed


Add $150,000+ in annual profits to your practice 

With 550+ Medicare Patients

while enhancing your patients’ care, preventing future healthcare complications, and creating a better clinical experience.


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