Helping practices become healthier with The

Office Based Pharmacists

A Part-time Pharmacist for your practice

Our Office Based Pharmacy program leverages PharmD Students, Professional pharmacists, and Technology to… 

Increase Clinical Profits

by providing you with an in-house Pharmacist on an as-needed basis to help you manage the prescribing, dosing and refilling of your patients’ medications.

Primary Care Physicians want to better serve their patients; however, they also have businesses to run and must generate a profit. Primary Care Physicians have a difficult time helping patients manage and properly take their medication. This can cause sever consequences to the healthcare system, the physician’s practice and ultimately to the patient.

The Office Based Pharmacy Program was created to provide Primary Care Physicians and their clinical staff with an office-based Pharmacist on an as-needed basis to properly test patients and help them manage their medications to produce better outcomes.

Physicians are able to select their favorite local pharmacist and recommend them to our program, or, a qualified concierge pharmacist will be provided to your for approval. Once a pharmacist is selected, our technology empowers the pharmacist and your clinic to collaborate efficiently, effectively and economically so that patients receive better care and more hands-on support with medication management and studies. 

Outsource Med Management to Your Favorite Pharmacist 

And Achieve a Healthier Practice

while enhancing your patients’ care, preventing future healthcare complications, and creating a better clinical experience.


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