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About Practice Health Institute

 Focused on helping your medical business thrive

our business is the health and wellness of your medical clinic 

We are Mission-Driven

Healthcare is rapidly evolving and thus physician practices must lead the way. Now more than ever, new and innovative ways of better catering to patients’ wants and needs, while increasing the bottom-line, are vital to the success of clinical businesses across the U.S. 

Practice Health Institute is singularly focused on empowering physicians and their teams with the knowledge, resources, and support necessary to build thriving organizations that better serve patients and themselves.

Our Business model is constructed so that we win, if you and your patients win. 

  • We Serve Primary Care Physicians
  • We Serve Pharmacists
  • We Serve Specialists

Our Story Is Your Story

Primary Care Physicians are simply lacking the right business-related knowledge and resources. Now more than ever, these physicians need to be empowered to build healthier, more sustainable and more profitable practices so patients can be properly cared for, for years to come.

Practice Health Institute is a collaborative partnership between a variety of healthcare and business experts. Our team is comprised of former healthcare chief executives, medical providers, and logistic professionals.

We’ve built a programmatic approach to physician practice health that is unlike anything else in healthcare.

Our programming merges a specialized set of resources critically focused on helping Primary Care Physicians with the difficult task of building lucrative medical practices without compromising any of the following: personal or professional Ethics; patient health, wellness or satisfaction; patient access to care.

In doing so, we have afforded physicians and their teams the opportunity to refine their organization, reinvest in game-changing solutions, and reduce the risk of failure.


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